Rent Out My Spare Bedroom: Course

The self-study step-by-step course to learn how to rent out your spare bedroom, protect yourself and get passive income every month with minimal effort on your part. It's your time to get clarity on how to prepare yourself, your house, & how to find (+ keep) your perfect roommate to get maximum income every single month.

Instructor: Max Marvelous



  • If you pay $300 extra per month on your mortgage you'll be debt-free 132 months faster & save $64,000 in interest.*
  • There are over 115 million renters & with the increasing prices of homes in the US the total number of renters is increasing every month .** 
  • If you don't have the correct lease/paperwork/insurance your tenant can sue you and the court may rule against you costing you money in legal fees & wasted time.


  • Google should name you their new CEO with how many times you've searched "how to rent out a room in my house."  
  • You're overwhelmed with all the conflicting information online on what agreements/contracts to have, what to do about insurance & you end up frustrated and do nothing.
  • You've tried having roommates before and they always end up being the worst people to live with & you don't even like coming home to your own house.
  • You feel stuck at this point. You are ready to do the work in finding the perfect roommate but don't know where to start or how to do things right.




I have been renting out rooms in my house for over 5 years and with my system, I have a perfect track record of 100% rent paid every single month. That's right, not a single missed rent payment from my roommates in over 60 months & over $80,000 in rent collected so far. I have gone from being broke, asking family for money help & sleeping on my couch to implementing this system & saving $100,000 by 27. Renting out rooms in my house has been a huge factor to my financial independence. Now, I teach others step-by-step how to implement this system and get passive income every month to become financially independent just like me. Now I can help my family, friends, & causes I care about with my money. The transformation in my finances (& life) is surreal and I am very grateful.    If I can do it so can you.


1. How To Prepare Yourself & Maintain the House

Learn how to get your house roommate ready. Since you're going to be living with someone you need to do some specific things to protect yourself and make sure everyone (including yourself) is safe & comfortable.

2. Agreements & Forms to CYA

You need the right insurance to protect yourself. What you have right now probably isn't adequate. We'll be going over all the documents/forms/agreements you need in place before anyone moves in.

3. Formula for Finding the Perfect Roommate

Whoever asks the best questions will win. We'll be covering the best screening questions to ask & the answers you don't want to hear (like "I have no money but I'll do chores around the house). You don't want to rent to the wrong person. Also, we will go over the exact advertisement template that I've used for 100% success. You want to make sure you're renting to the perfect roommate.

4. Are You My Next Roomie?

Learn how to get your house roommate ready. Since you're going to be living with someone you need to do some specific things to protect yourself and make everyone (including yourself) is safe & comfortable.

5. I've Found the One!

You've found the perfect roommate, congrats! I tried about 10 different ways to organize everything before move-in. This module goes over what you need to get organized & a step-by-step on successfully "moving in" your first roommate. You don't need to re-invent the wheel. Use this proven method and save yourself time & money.

6. How to Avoid Stressful Situations & Keep the Peace (and Your Sanity)

You'll need to set the right expectations as well as be flexible. This module focuses on how to strike a balance between the two. Finding this balance will help you avoid pretty much all conflict. You want your own house peaceful, right?

7. What if it's Not Working Out? (Move-Out Protocol)

Whether the roommate is a terrible housemate or they're moving to Spain, it's time for them to go. In this module, we'll go over exactly what to say if you want someone to leave and the right process so everyone leaves on good terms and everyone feels safe. Also included we'll go through step-by-step what to do when someone tells you they are moving out, the paperwork you need and what you shouldn't do.


Everyone loves bonuses, right?
  • Bonus #1: Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Mastermind Group ($200+ Value)
    • Included with your course purchase you will have lifetime access to the mastermind group. This exclusive group will help you connect with others who have taken the course so you can network, get your questions answered, learn from others and offer help to other like-minded people.
  • Bonus #2: Free weekly Group Coaching Sessions ($100+ value)
    • This will add a ton of value! I want to help you with your landlording adventures. Every week on Monday I will host an "Ask Max Anything" and answer every question that is asked. You can ask questions about the course material, your room rental strategy and so on. Again, I will answer every question in this group coaching session. 
  • Bonus #3: 7 Things to Do to Your house to Charge the Highest Rent Possible
    • You want more rent money in your pocket, right? Here are several ways you can charge more rent. Many of these are low-cost changes that you can implement with little effort.
  • Bonus #4: The Perfect Roommate Checklist
    • Use this worksheet to make sure your roommate is perfect for you & your situation. A perfect roommate will lead to you having consistent income & avoid big issues down the road.


Where you could be in a year now if you had an additional $6000 to $12,000 passively in your bank account. I heard the Bahamas are warm this time of year.

If you felt ready & confident to be a landlord who provides a great home & get compensated accordingly. (think $$$)

If you implemented a proven system and set it on auto-pilot. You do the work in the beginning and get paid each and every month with minimal work on your end. 


I needed to rent out a room to help cover my mortgage after being laid off. The course helped me get everything organized and in one place. I have a better-paying job now and I'm keeping the roommate to fund my backpacking trip to Spain next year! Super happy! ​

Melissa, 27 - Oregon

There's way too much info on the internet! One person says "A" the other "B." It was all super confusing and gave me anxiety. I just finished the course today and my first roommate moves in next week for $100 more per month than I thought. It works. Period. ​

Brett, 25 - California

I haven't used my spare room in literally years. I had a roommate when I first bought the house and he was a complete slob! The checklist on moving in the roommate and what insurance to buy is worth the whole price of the course. Highly recommended to anyone thinking about renting out their extra room. ​

Josh, 32 - Texas



What if I have never been a room rental landlord?

This course is a great learning tool for new or soon-to-be landlords. By taking this course you'll start your landlording adventures the right way. You'll learn from my mistakes & learn the best ways to make consistent passive income by being a landlord.

What if I've had roommates before?

Having room rentals is something even the most seasoned landlord can improve upon. Most landlords are not making as much money as they should and leaving cash on the table. If you want to raise your rents & attract the perfect tenant/roommate I share dozens of tips & strategies in the course.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts today! It is a self-paced course. You can binge the content and finish in a day or take your time and spend a month on it. The great thing is you will have access to the private mastermind group immediately so you can be a part of the community.

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! After enrolling in the course you'll have unlimited access to all the modules, videos & handouts.

What happens after I enroll?

Enrolling in the course is super fast & simple. After you enroll you'll have immediate access to the course and all the modules & bonus content. Check your email. Let's goooo!

Do you have an affiliate program?

Of course! You can promote this course and receive a commission for each course sold. Once you've enrolled in the course you'll be able to sign up as an affiliate. I have spent 100s of hours to put this content in one place. The value of this course far exceeds the price.

How to Access Course

After buying the course, you can access it in the following ways :

  • From the computer, you can access the course here!
  • For your phone/iPad/tablet you can access the course using your device's internet browser

Rent Out Your Spare Bedroom Course

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